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( Mar. 21st, 2013 05:10 pm)
"Meribia isn't very far from Vane, a decent commute," Mia answers as she pries Scorpius's small hand out of her hair. "As for the sort of job, that's kind of up to you but most of the work I can get for you easily is related to the library."

They've stepped inside a hallway of the Magic Guild Mansion, an oxymoron of ancient arcane history and new paint. Just in front of them and to their left is a guard standing by a door.

"Good evening, Majesty Mia," he greets with a bow. "Have you brought another visitor to the Magic Guild?"

"I have," she replies with a nod. "This is my friend Autor. He'll be staying here in the Magic Guild Mansion for a while."

"Autooooooow," Scorpius coos before jamming his teething ring back into his mouth.

Mia then turns to Autor and explains, "These are my quarters. We'll have to go downstairs to get to where you'll stay. By the way, would you prefer one of our private guestrooms or would you like to see the dormitories?"


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