Two pairs walked up to the doors of Malfoy Manor.

First were grandmother and grandson walking hand in hand, though Cepheus soon let go of Lemia so that he might chase the peafowl. Their only warning is the gleeful cry of, "Hi birdies!"

Second were husband and wife, Draco chuckling and holding Mia just a bit tighter as they watched their son run around the grounds.

"Cepheus, come back, sweetheart!" Lemia calls as Mia and Draco join her. "It's time for you to come see your grandmother and grandfather."

"No!" he cheerfully replies, still running around.

Lemia shakes her head and keeps her eye on him as the commotion draws Narcissa to the door. Draco comes forward to greet his mother. He's shortly followed by Mia, who gives her mother-in-law a hug. It was an unusual hug for two reasons...


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