Six weeks and two days.

It's hard to concentrate on much of anything when that's all you've got left. And since she's already taken her leave from work so it won't happen in the middle of the semester, that means Mia doesn't have as much to do.

So today has been devoted to cleaning up her living quarters, the nursery in particular. And doing the baby's laundry so it will be ready for him. And making sure the baby's toys are clean. And then Draco's laundry and ironing Draco's work shirts and trousers. And then preparing things for tonight's dinner. And then her laundry while the inner slow-cooks. And then making dessert. And then folding all of those clean clothes and putting them away. And then the kitchen will have to be cleaned up, of course. And then the table should be set. And what about the bed, is it clean?

It sounds like a lot, but magic does help get it done. Though, once it's done, Mia finds she would rather it wasn't done and then does it again the muggle way to make sure it's done right.

At least it hasn't gotten to the point where she's ironing the baby's clothes...


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