There hasn't been a party quite like this at the Magic Guild in recent times. But then, there hasn't been a Guildmaster expecting a child in well over twenty years.

After her performance, which served as the finale, Mia went back to her quarters to change into the lovely outfit (a simple green overdress with a black dress to go underneath) that Draco got for her and went to join the party on her husband's arm. She could still feel the nervous fluttering of her stomach.

She didn't really expect to do much except politely greet some guests and then retreat back to her room. She didn't, however, expect the number of people who wanted to see her or the obvious pile of presents in the corner that were suspiciously shaped like baby furniture. (She actually cried tears of joy at one point, to a chorus of "Awwww...")

Mia promises she'll be back soon, Draco. There are just so many people who want to dance with her after her amazing firedancing display.


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