Vane: Word has gotten to our reporters that Majesty Mia Ausa, whom we have noticed lately due to some lovely physical changes, is with child, meaning she will soon join the ranks of this generation's Hot Girl News hot mamas such as Jessica de Alkirk. Some of our informants, however, have let us know that there might be hints of infidelity bubbling up under the surface of Majesty Mia's supposedly happy marriage.

One member of the Mia Ausa Fan Club was present in the library while Majesty Mia was with Master Nash, under the guise of "working on a project." From his spot a few shelves away, he heard what he's described as "a moan of pleasure not unlike what he's heard in his dreams" coming from the Guildmaster. Apparently realizing that they were found out, Majesty Mia fled the scene and Master Nash showed his displeasure at the interruption with a few words we will not print in our fine publication.

Not long after that, Majesty Mia and Master Nash joined others at Meribia Mansion for supper, at which point, according to some bystanders who gave us the tip, Master Nash learned of Majesty Mia's pregnancy. He seemed interested in Majesty Mia's welfare and was asking questions some might consider a little personal for just friends.

Then, late last month, the Magic Guild Council was formally informed of Majesty Mia's condition. One of the questions asked of Majesty Mia, among others, was which of her Premiers sired her heir. Could it be that the Council knows something we don't about Majesty Mia's home life? Or are they just stuck in the idea that the Premier is the Guildmaster's concubine and Majesty Mia is free to pick whichever man she deems suitable, married to him or not?

Perhaps, dear readers, we should seek out what makes Majesty Mia happy in hopes of finding out for ourselves.
Mia flipped the pages of the book What To Expect When Your Witch Is Expecting one last time before putting it on top of the stack of reading for Draco on his desk. She hopes he's not offended by the suggestion since he's already admitted to her that he really doesn't know much.

She also hopes the conversation she wants to bring up doesn't turn out too bad for either of them.

Mia takes a deep breath and smooths her robe out over her stomach, idly wondering when she'll start feeling the baby there.
The Guildmaster stood in front of her mother's door, taking a deep breath before knocking. )

After seeing her mother, Mia went to Meribia. Clearing things up with Nash would be good, but she wants to make sure Draco will really take it as well as Lemia implied.
After breakfast with Draco, Mia gave him a kiss goodbye and the promise that she wouldn't work too hard today while he was at the shop. She was planning to join Nash in the library that morning to work on a project they would like to do once the fall semester started.

She hasn't told him yet, not about that, and it was a little more difficult to tell in her robes when it was only her chest that has noticeably grown. She'll tell all of them soon, but right now, she's keeping it quiet.

"I like this idea," Nash says, looking over a list of newly-graduated students. "A day for alumni to perform spells they composed at the Guild. Are you sure you don't mind missing the lectures for then, though?"

Mia shakes her head, thinking of what she might look like at that time, and replies, "It's important that they see the practical applications. That can do much more than mere lectures."

"Ah," Nash says, nodding along. "I was thinking about using some of the spells I've learned watching you and Draco as an example of learning by observation. What do you have planned?"

Her eyes widen and her teeth go down on her lower lip in thought. Oh dear, she'll have to do something? It's the first time she, in her position as a leader, has apparently been expected to do something that's being met with her reluctance.


Nash waves a hand in front of her.

"Oh sorry," she answers. "I haven't thought of anything yet."

He shrugs and goes, "That's all right. We do have the whole summer."

Nash reaches over to take a book on Mia's side. Their close proximity means that his arm accidentally brushes against her chest while he does it.

"Oh sorry, Mia," he says, thinking nothing of it.

The only problem is, his brushing against her was just gentle enough that it felt quite- well, pleasurable... and Mia has to press her lips together to mute the unexpected moan.

It's not quiet enough to escape Nash's hearing and he looks up at her, mild confusion in his expression. Perhaps even a little annoyance. He really doesn't need her acting like that when it wasn't all that long ago that he's gotten over her. He's done with her and doesn't want any chance to second guess himself now that they've come this far to being friends again. She might stir up something he doesn't want to mess with.


Mia's eyes widen again as she fully realizes what's just happened.

"Oh dammit," she says before going, "I think I should go," and hurrying out of the library.

Nash glances around to see if anyone's listening and, once asserting that he's alone, lets anything he might be feeling out with an emphatic "Fuck."
There was bustling in the kitchen of Malfoy Manor, but with a human chef for the first time in its history. Not only was Mia putting the kitchen to its first good use in years, she was thoroughly enjoying doing so. She's not used to using spells here and there to aid in her cooking, but since she's cooking so much, she needs a little help.

And, unlike the rest of the year, she doesn't want Draco to help. Not on his birthday.

While everything is set to cooking on its own, Mia goes upstairs to check on something. She has an outfit set on Draco's bed for tonight, covered by a slinky black robe, and she'll have to change into it before her husband makes his way up there. But there should be distraction enough for that. She picks up a small box, her lasting present for the birthday boy, to carry it with her to the kitchen.

She'll have to get the meal done quickly, as Draco's parents will be arriving soon. It shouldn't be too bad since Mia will probably have to get lost for some of that.

Unless, of course, Draco wants her to stay.
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Mia looked at her wishing stone. Three wishes. Three wishes... But what is she going to wish for? Should she wish for anything now? She thinks about all of the things she wants. What should she ask for?

Her thoughts wander, turn over in her head. And then one of them is downright jarring. There isn't anyone to see her widened eyes, her hand going over her chest, or the little gasp that escapes from her mouth.


Dark images flood her eyes, called up unbidden from her mind. Clutching, almost drowning, clawing, blood, blank, limp, rend, maim, wreck, crush, destroy.

She holds the stone tight as she makes her first wish.

Afterward, she sighs with so much relief.

“We can live our lives without one worry. I only hope Draco is as thankful for it as I am.”

I wish... I wish that my husband and I have the same moment of death...
Mia has been celibate since the night she and Draco talked about Scarlet.

It's starting to take its toll.

Particularly now that Draco has taken her on this whirlwind trip to Persia. And on her birthday, no less! Practically since the clock struck midnight, she's been showered with exotic luxuries. Elegant, soft shawls; glistening, lovely jewelry (not that she really needs more); and sweet, alluring perfumes, among other treasures were given to her. Some worried, paranoid part of her wondered if this was a bribe to finally crumble.

But the thing is, that wasn't what was working.

Draco was capturing her with his movements, his looks, his voice, his.....everything.

At one point of the trip, they have to go camping. In a fortunately secluded place.

"Good, the coast is clear," is all the warning he gets from his wife before she's swung her leg over his lap, distracting him with the most passionate kiss she's given him in what feels like ages while her hands fumble with his trousers.
Vane: Majesty Mia Ausa, the first Guildmaster of Vane to hold the position while married, might not have such status soon. She has come to Meribia to visit Lady Jessica de Alkirk, the resident spousal sweetheart, leaving her husband to his own devices in Vane. It appears to us that she's not on speaking terms with him, though she is still wearing her wedding ring. When asked for comment, Lady Jessica shooed us away on grounds that Majesty Mia is sick. We at Hot Girl News are wondering if the illness is more telling than Majesty Mia would wish it to be...

"Do you think it's true?"

"Like you'd stand a chance if it was."

"Who do you suppose will be teaching her classes?"

"Why are you reading that filthy rag?" Nash asked, looming over the Mia Ausa fan club members, who were busy pouring over the latest issue of Hot Girl News. He snatches the article up from their trembling hands and reads. "Majesty Mia left a plan for the teachers in case something like this should happen. She firmly believes that Vane should be able to go on without her if it needs to. Now get to your rooms or to lunch or where-ever you were going."

As they walk away, they comment on how Nash, while still being unfair about their right to read dirty tabloids, is not nearly as Thunderbolt happy about stopping them as he used to be.

"With this thing out, there are sure to be some crazy rumors going around..." Nash murmurs to himself.
Mia has been thinking.

In this case, it hasn't been a good thing. It's been thinking about how to bring up a subject she's somewhat reluctant to discuss and Draco is likely reluctant to talk about, but it has to be done.

She eventually decides to be straightforward, even skipping past the phrase "We have to talk" and getting directly to the subject.

It might not be the best thing to bring up relaxing together on the sofa.

"Draco, I met Scarlet a few nights ago."
It's late in the evening, the guests have gone home, and Mia Ausa is ready to retire to her quarters.

The Guildmaster walks to the apartment, her shoes removed from her dance-weary feet, and one hand holding the arm of her newly sworn in Premier.

He likely has his own ideas about how the evening will go from here...
"It's strange how this trek is so simple now."

"Oh? Was it difficult before?"

"Well, no, not really. That was more of a money thing."

"And that situation has changed?"

"It's gotten a little better. A poor teacher is better off than a poor student."

"It could be worse."


"You could be concocting plans to force us to share a sleeping bag or something."

"That seems more like something Draco would do."

"Yes, it does. And you?"

"Nah. Maybe a long while ago, but not now."


"Yeah. I think I like us better like this."

" found a girl, didn't you?"


"No, it sounds like you found someone. Who is she?"

"I didn't."

"Is it Hermione?"

"No! Hermione is, well, she's-s-s very nice and-and seems to be... quite smart. And she was interested in talking to me."

"You're stammering. And blushing."

"How is it you notice that when I'm not in love with you?"

"Do you like Hermione?"

"..............well yes, but not like that. I mean, not yet. I mean! I don't even know if that will happen. I like her, but right now, I think I want a friend. Just a friend. Who isn't married."

"Are those becoming so few and far between now?"

"Not really, I guess, but I do like talking with-"


"Did you set us up?"

"Of course not! I was honestly busy."

"Well, that sounds sincere. You are a terrible liar."

"I don't know if I should be flattered or not. But I'm glad you like her. You didn't tell her anything, did you?"

"No, but it probably helps that you didn't go into detail either."

"Then I'm afraid you'll have to stay in the dark."

"I figured as much. Hey, do you think Alex and Luna will want some Christmas lights?"