Math classes aren't something usually taught at the Magic Guild. And while more is known about pregnancy on Lunar nowadays, even the best of them get their timing off.

So when Mia started feeling regular contractions at about two or three in the morning while staying at her in-laws' home, she was surprised. Not too surprised, but surprised.

She was just glad she could manage to sleep about as well as Draco did, not shaking him on the shoulder to wake him until she just couldn't sleep through them anymore. By then, dawn had already come and she thought telling her husband would be a good idea.

"Draco," she whispers to him. "I miscalculated."
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Draco blinked his eyes awake, and turned on his side toward her. He frowned with the mild confusion of someone slowly waking up, and mind still fuzzy from sleep.


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Draco immediately sat up at that. "Merlin take it, I thought we had more time!" He floundered, and went to grab for his wand and clothes for them both.

There was no time so a quick charm to help get dressed before he did a Sonurus charm to alert his parents.

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"All the more reason to hurry," Draco remarked simply. Yes, he knew Cepheus took a while, but he would feel better if they were on their way, and ready.

He didn't hear from his father, but Narcissa quickly stepped down the hall to say not to worry about Cepheus. Clearly it was more grandma time for her.

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Draco paused in mid step as he glanced back at her.

"Shouldn't we?" he asked with clear puzzlement.

"I know it was a while the first time, but wouldn't it be better to be on our way?"

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He started to answer, and then stepped forward when he saw her reacting. They had to time them right? He remembered that much from last time.

"How long do you think?"

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He placed a hand over hers for a moment to support her, and nodded.

"Well there might be time to drive to St Mungo's. Unless you think I should Apparate there for a Mediwizard?" He didn't want to leave her alone for long, but Floo not Apparate would work so close to term.

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"...I'm learning?" Maybe not the best time.

"I'll be right back." He hurried and then Apparated away to locate his father.

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Draco Apparated back with a bang outside the door. Only to avoid startling her since she had enough with the contractions to deal with.

"He's on his way. They should be back presently. How are you?" He hurried over to touch her shoulder. He already learned that one should NEVER be in the tight grips of a pregnant woman's fist. Not if one didn't want to drink a potion to mend the crushed fingers.

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His grey eyes widened.

"It's coming NOW?!"

Merlin, where is that Mediwizard?!

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"I knew it! I said we should hurry! Of course this one would be sooner!" Draco was going to get up to check on where the Mediwizard was but stopped at his wife clutching him. Luckily it was his robe, but he stayed put to place a hand on her cheek.

"All right, just remember your breathing. Need to find the Mediwizard. It shouldn't be taking Father so long." Granted it had only been a few minutes.

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"It's all right, darling," he knew she was in pain. He leaned down to kiss her briefly.

He then moved away just as the Mediwizard was rushing in to help. The witch pulled out her wand to check over vitals.

"How far apart are they, my dear?"

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The witch nodded, and went to check her dilation. Draco meanwhile stepped closer again, but to keep a hand on her shoulder for support.

"All right, I can see the baby crowning so I want you to go ahead and push."
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The Mediwizard continued to coach her on her pushing and breathing. Her wand continued moving to track the baby's progress and the health of both baby and mother through the birth.

Draco's free hand came over to gently stroke her hair back. It did briefly tightened as he grimaced at Mia's grip on his other hand.

"Easy, darling. Just a little more," he commented even with his tight expression from pain.

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"Keep pushing, you're doing well, Mrs. Malfoy, ma'am," the witch commented as she came closer to cradle the baby's head and shoulders emerging.

"Just a few more. Really big push now."

Draco's expression calmed, and gave her another kiss to her forehead for reassurance. He will be taking a potion after for his fingers, that's all. He should have expected, really.
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Draco moved around to get a better look, and smiled.

"Two sons. He's wonderful, luv." He leaned down to give her a proper kiss.


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