Two pairs walked up to the doors of Malfoy Manor.

First were grandmother and grandson walking hand in hand, though Cepheus soon let go of Lemia so that he might chase the peafowl. Their only warning is the gleeful cry of, "Hi birdies!"

Second were husband and wife, Draco chuckling and holding Mia just a bit tighter as they watched their son run around the grounds.

"Cepheus, come back, sweetheart!" Lemia calls as Mia and Draco join her. "It's time for you to come see your grandmother and grandfather."

"No!" he cheerfully replies, still running around.

Lemia shakes her head and keeps her eye on him as the commotion draws Narcissa to the door. Draco comes forward to greet his mother. He's shortly followed by Mia, who gives her mother-in-law a hug. It was an unusual hug for two reasons...

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Narcissa had warmed considerably to her daughter in law, but she still seemed surprised when she hugged her. She raised a blond eyebrow with curiosity before glancing between them.

"I suppose you have more than usual news for us?"

Draco nodded as he stepped back to hold Mia's hand again, "Yes, you could say that."

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Narcissa gave a warm smile to her grandson, and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Hello Cepheus, would you like a sweet?"

She glanced up, "Well, congratulations, and hello Lemia. Lucius should be back presently." Things were better, though it had taken much effort to try to restore lost connections after the Second Wizarding War.

Draco remarked, "Right, well suppose it's still early for dinner, yes?" His mother nodded before helping to guide a still clinging Cepheus inside the Manor.

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"You would be surprised how they do. Draco here was always moving."

Draco rolled his eyes, and his cheeks were pink.

"Mother, not more of those stories."

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Draco sighed at that and got up.

Narcissa then turned to him, "Oh Draco, while you're up, go fix some tea and you remember where the biscuits are, go fix a plate."

A brief scowl crossed his face, but he just replied, "Very well."

As he left, his mother then remarked, "You know, I just found one of Draco's old albums just the other day, and I really must show you..."

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Draco blinked his eyes open slowly, and turned on his side toward his wife.

"Mia? What is it?"

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There was that, it made sleeping tricky at best to adjust. Usually meant he didn't get much of the bed.

"Because it's not, luv. We're at the Manor, remember?" He reached out to rub her arm a little.

"Go back to sleep."

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Draco went to close his eyes again and then sighed.

"Why? What's wrong?"

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Draco sighed louder as he sank down into the bed more. Briefly wishing to stick the blanket over his head, but no, Cepheus was already getting into the bad habit of it. No sense he should emulating.

He then complained with a note of whining in his voice, "Mia... I even asked if there was anything else we needed to bring. You know the charms would have allowed space."

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"Well there's steak, or venison? Possibly mutton?"

Draco then placed a hand on her shoulder to stop, "No, don't get up. I'll go check the kitchen."

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He rolled his eyes as he moved the covers away from his side.

"For Merlin's sake, I have my own children now, I don't care what they say to it. They are probably asleep anyway."

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That's why there's cleaning charms though. No fuss or muss. Draco got up, and made a brief stop to make sure Cepheus was sleeping peacefully. He then made his way down to the kitchen to cook. Several minutes passed, including time for the steak to rest. He then brought up a flank steak salad to the room.


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