Mia takes a moment to check over her bag one more time, making sure she's got all the necessary papers for the Magic Guild as well as clothes and toiletries for the week. This includes some outfits for Scorpius and Kaworu so that they fit in a bit more seamlessly.

She finds something in her bag that she most definitely didn't pack: a green teddy bear.

"Cepheus?" she calls. "Cepheus, did you put your bear in Mama's bag?"

He toddles into his parents' room, sippy cup of pumpkin juice in hand and nude except for his diaper, and goes, "Beaw, Mama?"

"Yes, I've got your bear," she says, handing it back to him. "And did you take your clothes off again? Scorpius and Kaworu will be here soon."

"Scowpus an' Kawoo?" he repeats, bobbing a bit.

"Yes honey, Scorpius and Kaworu."

Cepheus toddles out of the room in excitement, calling, "Daddy! Daddy! Scowpus an' Kawoo!"

Mia smiles as she watches her son leave the room, checking through her bag to see if he stuck anything else in her bag.
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Well, there are no bumps in this arrival. Kaworu's heard many things about how an entrance or an exit from the bar can be.... quaint, to say the least. He's not disappointed to find out that doesn't apply here at all.

Doorway into a hallway! Bye, bar. Kaworu's too distracted by the trip to think of it after he closes the door. He can hear Cepheus a little already! That is just fantastic.

And it's not like it's not obvious or something which one to knock on so he just goes ahead and does that right away.
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"I hope so," he says. "I didn't really know what to bring."

He never does, even if he's told every single necessity in detail. Kaworu just can't keep track of things like that.

His duffel bag is really clothes and that's it. well, a book , Ceph?" two. Always need that.

"You excited, Ceph?" he asks, kneeling down to smile at him.
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"Here I am," Scorpius meekly announces from the doorway.

"Sorry, I, uhm - I completely forgot until coming here that I owed Cepheus a present still. From his, er, birthday? And so I stopped to do that and, er - Right."

He holds the said present in hand. A plush toy broom, fashioned from magic and not meant for any sort of flying, only cuddling.

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Returning Mia's hug, Scorpius then scoops Cepheus up into his arms, gifting him the plush broom as he does so.

"Er, uhm. Hi, er - Hullo, Kaworu," he says, greeting the other boy.
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Did Kaworu get Cepheus anything for his birthday? He can't remember. That's just as bad as not doing anything at all, so he feels really great by comparison here.

"Hello," he says, "Scorpius."

Kaworu has his absolute best poker face.
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"Oh! Right, er - "

Scorpius returns Cepheus to the floor with an affectionate mussing-up of his hair.

"We'll see you when we're back, then? Go on and show Nana your broom."
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Clothes affect how someone is perceived? Well, Kaworu supposes so. It's not something he even knew to think about so it's a lucky coincidence if he's just fine.

"Will it be very hard to get there?" He doesn't know very much about this either. He doesn't like not knowing very much.
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Scorpius hardly knows much about this himself. He's been to Vane and the Magic Guild before, but it was new then and still seems new now.

(He's a little more comfortable with the not knowing something, though.)

"First visit?" he asks Kaworu when Cepheus starts acting the part of group guide.
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Well, of course Kaworu accepts that hand immediately and easily. Cepheus is just not someone he can ever deny, no matter what.

"I haven't gone outside the Bar in over a year."

Even then it didn't really count.
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Lemia is someone Scorpius remembers, though he doesn't know her all that well. He offers her a shy wave as they approach.

"Have you been Bound?" he asks Kaworu quietly before they reach her. He's curious about the other boy.

A year is an awfully long time to be cooped up.
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"Dead." Yes, that is easy for him to say. Kaworu is proud of becoming that way and will never think otherwise.

What is not so easy is dealing with strangers, even ones that are related to some of his most Important People. So he just hangs back and stays quiet from that point on.
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Dead? Right. Scorpius can handle that just fine.

There's nothing to handle, honestly. So Kaworu is dead. Scorpius won't treat him any different.

It's the feeling lost that makes him feel so -

Well. Lost.

He looks between Mia and her mother, then at Kaworu, wondering what he's missing.
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But, see, it's that sort of thing that makes Kaworu reluctant about strangers! It isn't that he cares, not really. liar It's that the people he love care if he's taken wrong.

"I play nice, ma'am," he says. Let's try to have a carefree tone, okay? "No worlds get toppled under my watch."

Also, Scorpius totally gets points for not reacting to 'dead'. Kaworu sees reactions far too often and that's just annoying.
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Scorpius tears his Ravenclaw-curious gaze away from Kaworu about the same time that Lemia apologizes for her reaction.

"It's good to see you again too, Lemia," he says, focusing on her instead.
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"I'm glad to meet you as well."

Actually, honestly, he has no idea if he is or not. But that's more according to how his brain looks at interactions than anything else. It's just something he'll never know about a lot of people.

"No need to apologize. It happens more often than you might think."

Except you're not supposed to say that, Kaworu!
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"We could try to keep an eye on her, but I think mischief has a way of finding her. Or, uhm - She finds it? I don't know how it works exactly. Mischief could be running in the other direction with a high-pitched scream and Mia's chasing after it," Scorpius rambles, fiddling with the hems of his sleeves.

He's getting a bit nervous - in an excitedly anxious sort of way, that is - about the trip to Meribia. He's never been on a ship before.
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Probably the best eye one could keep on Mia and mischief was deciding to film it for posterity. Clearly they have all learned the score.

"She will return in one piece."

That's the important thing, right? Right?
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Scorpius doesn't think he'll be needing anything for seasickness - he doesn't even know if he gets seasick - so he merely shrugs and looks at Kaworu. Do the dead get seasick?
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"Not for me."

Kaworu just does not get sick anywhere. Unless it has to do with medication.

But he likes to pretend that doesn't actually count.
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"Have there been accidents before?" Scorpius asks, counting the steps as they go. He's liked the walk and seeing the city again, the bright, summer just making it all the better.

(He does miss his broom, though. It'd be a nice day for flying too.)
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" 'Accidents', then," Kaworu says, accompanied by the usual quote marks. Perhaps political? Had any ever tried to take the easy way out? Ones that are not at all relevant or specific, of course.


And he knows that he really ought to try to memorize the sites, but he's more drawn to that sky. It's the most familiar that he's seen in a long, long time.
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That's depressing.

Why did he start this line of conversation...?

Scorpius clears his throat.

"Right, er. How big is this ship then?"
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"Two at once?"

The gravity of that situation seems a little impossible to him.


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