The Magic Guild is an odd but not unwelcome place once classes are over for the year and the students have gone home. The halls are peaceful and the staff is typically more at ease since they only have themselves to control while grading essays.

It also makes shirking easier and more forgivable.

This is why Mia has decided she wants to step out of her office for lunch with Draco.

Being Guildmaster makes this even more excusable but perhaps the strongest argument for Mia taking a break for lunch is her pensive mood. It has a switch that flicks between on and off and she hasn't found what to say or who to talk to in order to get it to stay in the 'off' position yet.

She sends Croix with a note asking Draco if he'd like to join her at the Guild or if he wants her to join him at his shop in Meribia.

In the meantime, Mia has Cepheus with her, telling him what they're seeing and helping him try to take a step or two down the hallway. He's cheery and greeting everyone they happen to see with some happy babbling and a tiny wave.

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There was just a quick Owl back from Croix before Draco Apparated to the Guild to meet them.

He strode over to bus a kiss to Mia and offered to take Cepheus.

"Hullo our darlings."

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He kissed Cepheus cheek after gathering him up in his arms, and grinned as the baby made kissy faces at him.

"What did you have in mind?"

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"Oh?" He wondered what the occasion was, but followed her suggestion. With their reputation, garnering private seating was easy enough with barely a need to request it. The host was very gracious in leading them to it, and offering menus.

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Draco cast a few charms around to ensure privacy, and studied her questioningly.

"All right, darling I'm listening." Perhaps a special announcement?

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Draco paused for a long time, considering her words.

"I... I see. How long before? Before that night?"

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"Of course I would have warned her! For Merlin's sake, Mia..." He then gave a weary sigh, and squeezed her hand.

"I'm sure you did your best. I know she never would have listened to me. She couldn't even look at me."

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"Probably the Bar's doing if anything else. It would have made things much easier."

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"You could have said something sooner. You could have trusted me."

Draco sighed again, glancing down before adding, "Glad at least you could do more for her in a way at least than I could. She probably still hates me."

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"Right. Now do you understand why I thought it might be better for the children not to have my name necessarily? They are Malfoys as well of course, but I don't want them painted with the same brush. The same assumptions."

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"I do, well it was more because of my family's insistence." Draco then explained further, "I mean when they attend Hogwarts. It's fine to acknowledge both names here at the Guild, but if there was a way not to draw attention to it back in my old world. I've seen how Scorpius is at times."

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He reached out to touch her hand to reassure her again, "I know, just in the future, you really can trust me, luv. As hard as it would be not to tell Hermione, if you said the word, I would have done my best to abide by it."

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"Perhaps more in muggle London? I've done a little looking into some of the places there to visit." He's also been trying to expand out to see what he had missed out on previously.

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Draco nodded and dropped the charms. He even stepped away to locate the waiters with their meal, and they immediately came back with a flurry to offer the dishes.

"Here we are then, and we can fetch my parents if you want. I can't make any promises though, knowing their reaction."


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