Mia gently woke up Sunday morning from the light coming in from the window. It didn't take long for it to come to her mind that today she has work to do.

She carefully got out of bed so she didn't disturb Draco, went to check if Cepheus was awake (she caught him right before he could start fussing), and took him to the kitchen so she could care for him while she worked.

She came back some time later, her arm keeping Cepheus on her hip while her free hand carefully gestured for the levitating tray. The smells of sausage and Vanetian truffle quiche (an idea borrowed from those cooking television shows Draco seemed to enjoy whenever they were on holiday and a television was nearby) followed them in. The tray settled on the bed in such a way that Draco wouldn't knock it over when he woke up.

Mia carefully sat Cepheus against her propped up pillow so she could lean over, brush Draco's hair out of his face, and give him a kiss.

"Happy Father's Day, Beloved," she whispers to him.

Cepheus reaches for his Papa, so Mama gently supports him. The baby puts his hand on Papa's cheek and presses his mouth against Papa's forehead, just like Mama did.
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