As Chell and Gordon leave Milliways, they arrive in a strange hallway. The building both speaks of history and new paint, the old and new still just separate enough that it's obvious repairs have been made in recent years. There is a door on the left and near that door is a guard.

"Welcome to the Magic Guild," the guard says. "Majesty Mia had told us we would have guests tonight. You are welcome to explore the Guild or, if you wish to rest, I can escort you to the lounge and you can take tea before dinner is served."

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Chell had visited Mia's world before, of course, but not for dinner. It left her feeling a little out of place in her everyday where, but she did her best to look at-ease despite everything.

"I'm... not sure. What do you think, Gordon?"
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"I think I'd like to see some more of the place first," Gordon murmurs. "Just to get a feel for it."

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"Thank you," Chell says graciously, unsure whether she should do anything else to convey her gratitude. "It's beautiful here."


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