The word is said carefully. It's not meant to convey the message of, “We have to talk.” Rather, she's trying to get, “I'd like to talk, but I want to be here for you above all else,” into her subtext.

“Tom has warned me.

“About Blodwen.

“He mentioned that you knew her before, but that was long ago. Before you met him. Before you knew me. I know it's not something you're proud of, but you should know it's something I'm very proud of you for leaving.”

She moves, reaching to hold.

“I want to know what happened, the same way I want to know everything about you. But I understand. I know why you wouldn't want to talk to me about it.

“Though you should know, you have no reason to be ashamed. You are strong. You are fiercely loving. You are the husband by my side, father of our child, and no evil of your past is ever going to change that. I love you. Always have, always will.

“I hope that, one day, you will tell me, but today doesn't need to be that day.”

She leans forward, her forehead tilted enough to touch the mirror.

“Oh, that's going to sound silly...” she murmurs. “It's always the ones you want to talk to the most that are the most difficult to speak to.”

She rubs at the curve of her belly, her previous concern softly turned into a smile at the reassuring little fluttery kicks she feels.

“I do love you so, dear,” she says to her baby. “Mama sounds ridiculous right now, doesn't she?”

The flutters don't say anything different.

“Your Papa loves you, too. He worries so about us when he is the one that deserves the worry.”

Mia glances down, properly taking in her shape.

“How you will light up his life. You'll be the apple of his eye. He's already so happy to know you're here, just as I am. I'm sure he'll love to hold you, and I hope he tickles you and sings to you.”

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Draco had some inventory and paperwork floating around him, and was dictating notes to a Quick Write quill. He dismissed the charm for a moment, and set the paperwork aside before getting up.

"Mia, everything all right?" She had been in there for a while as he knocked on the door.

From: [identity profile] dragonofgrey.livejournal.com

Draco nodded, "Lovely as always of course." A bit unusual to have her hair up. Not as though she was working on anything at the moment.

From: [identity profile] dragonofgrey.livejournal.com

"Luv, how many times do I have to tell you, it's all right?"

Draco gave her hand a squeeze, and replied, "Taking a break actually. Why?"

From: [identity profile] dragonofgrey.livejournal.com

"Merlin, Mia, just took me a bit to get used to the whole idea. First time for us both, remember? Four months or so, and we'll be mum and dad."

Draco's other hand gently rested on her stomach in turn.

"And how's our son today?"

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"Think he might be that precocious?" He couldn't help preening at the idea of his son being a strong wizard.

Draco leaned over to kiss her on the lips, "Of course I am. I love you."

From: [identity profile] dragonofgrey.livejournal.com

"I'm certain it won't be eventually. Specially the more he matures. There's a bit about in those parenting books from Diagon Alley."

Draco beamed at her, and gently laid his other hand to the small of her back as they headed for the nursery, "All right then."

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He carefully sat down by her, and settled in close.

"Only a few months left. Hard to believe sometimes, you know?"

From: [identity profile] dragonofgrey.livejournal.com

Draco was listening and nodding until her last statement. He lifted his head slightly with a puzzled expression.

"Of course I know. Why?"

From: [identity profile] dragonofgrey.livejournal.com

Draco blinked at that, "Everything-everything? I've told you more than anybody else."

From: [identity profile] dragonofgrey.livejournal.com

"Well yes, but what brought this on, luv?" Her husband was a bit confused and concerned.

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A chill drew down Draco's spine at the name, and he immediately tensed in her arms. Tom, damn you, why did you have to mention her? Unless...

"You haven't run into her have you? Have you?" There was clear panic in his voice with the plea. Please Merlin, Althena, keep Mia and Cepheus safe from her.

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Draco relaxed slightly at that. Good, good, she doesn't know. She can't know.

He sighed, "I thought you saw those memories already, or I just... Merlin I was such a fool then."

He then explained, "Mia you have to understand. I was very frightened at the time when I first found myself in Milliways. I was fleeing from Hogwarts with Severus after the Headmaster... after his death. I thought the Dark Lord was going to kill me for not carrying out his orders. And of course I ran into one of the worse possible people or beings a little while later."

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Draco sighed again.

"She made an offer to me once. I thought it sounded brilliant at the time. I could get something to change things. Keep the Dark Lord away from me and my family, and be so valuable that our family's name would be respected again. I just had to say yes to accept. They call it the Dark."

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He was quiet for several minutes.

"I said yes. And for a time, I was a servant of the Dark."

He shook his head, "I only was given an inkling of power at first, and it... felt amazing. Felt like I could do anything I wanted. Merlin I was such a fool."

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"Nothing much. Winter storms. Ice and wind. I had more to pay to get any real power."

He glanced away and wiped his eyes.

"Paid by offering someone else and... I can't. Not yet."

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"It was. Destroyed someone else, and then me for a time. Took me a long time to get myself together again."

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Draco tried to relax with her but he then added, "But I did feel guilty after it happened. That, the Dark Lord's orders... It tore me to pieces."

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"It is, or how I tried to leave. She nearly killed me when I did so, and took several people to stop her." Also imprison the person he thought of as his first best friend in his life, the boy he betrayed and allowed Blodwen to bring out his evil side.

"Holiday sounds lovely, maybe both? Some time in Lann, and then some in Lyton?"

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Draco winced slightly, "Sorry luv. Thought there was a way to spend a little time here and there."

He considered it, "Well in that case, Lann's closer of the two. And I found some new recipes for that lovely fish of theirs."

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Draco nodded, "Of course, you can't walk that far, and certainly not going to fight anything. Supposed to be a right holiday after all. Just move the class schedules around a bit and should be fine."

He then studied her for a moment, "Darling, what is it?"

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Draco thought for a moment, and then replied, "Oh no, no Mia. That's just a dream. There's no way they can get in. They can't come here unless we allow it. We'll be fine."

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"It is, remember the Chaser is the one who flies across the pitch with the Quaffle to score..." And Draco launched into a detailed discussion about the game, and some of the better parts of seeing the World Cup years ago. Leaving out the Death Eater sections, and just focusing on the plays and the excitement. Likely not going to discuss much of Bulgaria's idea of Veela cheerleaders either.


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